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How to Manage your Work/Life Balance

What is work/life balance? Similar to how our bodies feel tired after a long workout, our minds can get tired too. It’s an essential part of self-care to make sure you can balance your social and personal lives. 

You might be a little scattered now that school is back in session, summer is over and work is picking up. Keeping a healthy balance of work and relaxation is the best way to stay on top of everything without over-stressing. Here are a few things you can do to remain stress-free.

Going for a Walk

A great way to clear your mind of stress and worry is to go for a walk. Getting fresh air helps your brain recover from the day you had. Take a walk through the Byward Market, or by the Rideau canal. Take in  all of the amazing views that the city has to offer. 

Disconnect for a While

We’ve all heard about being online too much and the importance of taking a break from technology . The reality is that with the use of cell phones, social media, email etc. we rarely get a break from things. It’s important to disconnect once in a while and take some time for yourself. 

Journal Your Thoughts

Keeping a journal or a diary to share your thoughts might seem a little weird, but it’s actually a great way to eliminate anxiety, doubt and stress. Make a note of the things you accomplished in the day or want to accomplish in the future. This can help you block out your time and help you stay on track and focused.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

The ultimate way to unwind is by spending time with loved ones. At the end of the day there is nothing more important than family. It doesn’t matter if you have any activities planned, simply being in their company will help you find peace of mind. 

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