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Hey parents, we’re thinking of you too

At Envie, we understand the important role parents play in guiding their child throughout their University/College journey and we want to ensure you are well equipped to help make the decision on their student accommodations… after all, some of the best years of their life will be had between those walls!

“Envie is synonymous with luxurious, all-inclusive student living, however, the attractive price suggests otherwise. At Envie some of the features that stand out to me are: the ease of finances - everything is included in one monthly price; it is fixed and includes all of the typical utilities as well as some additional services and you know it is going to be the same every month. Additionally, the facilities within the building are another perk of living at Envie; the gym, games room, coffee shop, convenience store, etc. are all within the living space, making it very convenient. The interactions I’ve had between several of the company members has been nothing less than stellar and I would have no hesitation in endorsing Envie to any of my friends as I am thrilled to be living there next year.”

Eric Della Ventura

Carleton University: Mechanical Engineering

"I choose Envie as my new home due to the sense of community they are creating. One thing that caught my eye and was a deal breaker for me when choosing Envie was the security the provide. Having a safe place to live and go home to is a key factor in choosing a place to live. I also like how close it is to my university and the city center with easy access to transportation to different places. I am most looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends who share the same lifestyle as me. I definitely would recommend Envie to my friends so they could also be a part of such an amazing Envie community."

Ashly Chamberlain

Carleton University: Criminology and Criminal Justice – Bachelor of Arts Honours Program

"I am really exited to be living at Envie next year! I am happy that their is a gym on site so I don't have to go to Carleton to workout and if I did its only about 5 minute commute on the o-train. I love how all I have to bring is my clothing and bathing supplies because Envie includes everything even dishes, which will make my move in and out extremely easy. I already have a few friends living at Envie next year but I would recommend it to the rest of my friends at Carleton because its a great deal for students and it being so close to Carleton make it that much better."

Evan Kuno

Carleton University: Honours Bachelor of Commerce

You can trust that we will make these critical student years successful with our dedicated team that is responsible for managing all facets of the student lifestyle including academic and social activities, maintenance, housekeeping, security and reception. The team makes life worry-free for students by supervising the building amenities like the Wi-Fi, fitness centre, coffee shop, retail marketplace, and study spaces. And our reception staff are available 24/7 to ensure that we can meet our student’s needs while providing exceptional service.

Envie also makes life worry-free for parents with our excellent security measures. With 24-hour surveillance and management monitoring the building and perimeter, night security on rounds between 11:00pm and 7:00am, secure building and suite access, and a resident walk-safe program, parents can  rest assured that students will be in good hands while living at Envie as their welfare is of utmost importance to us.

We’re always striving to provide the best possible experience to our students and we welcome any feedback that you might have. Below are some commonly asked questions and considerations from other parents, but if you would like to talk with a member of our team directly, please call us at 613.221.5916 or email us at live@enviestudent.com

What bills are included in the rental fees?

All utility bills (gas, water and electricity) and Wi-Fi are included in the monthly rental fee.  Any additional items such as land line phones or cable in the suites is extra. We strongly recommend that all residents have contents insurance for their belongings.

What support system is in place to help my child if they have problems, issues or concerns?

The Envie Life Team is on site at any hour and happy to assist our students. Envie students can speak to their Community Advisor in person or by phone during office hours, or the security staff or receptionists after hours. All of our team members are trained and able to help our students gain access to the right resource.

What if I want to visit my child?

We would love to have you visit us! Guest suites are available to parents of an Envie student and can be booked with a nightly fee.

What is a guarantor?

All residents need to name a guarantor when they commit to leasing with Envie. This person will need to agree to be their guarantor and sign the leasing paperwork.

A guarantor is someone over the age of 18 who takes joint financial responsibility for the tenancy and is liable to pay the rent of the resident if they are, for any reason, unable to pay an amount owed to Envie.

We have the right to pursue this person for recovery of outstanding charges so it is important the guarantor understands their liability.

What should my child do if they are not getting along with their roommates?

There are several options for students and their roommates to consider before any final room change decisions are made. The first option is roommate mediation, this is where all roommates meet with their Community Advisor to discuss the issues, and to come up with possible solutions. After roommate mediation, if things are still not working out, the roommates will discuss their issues with the Student Lifestyle Manager. If no compromise can be reached, the students are welcome to go through the room change process, which includes a fee.

Can students request their roommate?

Yes, we place students together who have requested each other as roommates with mutual consent of both parties.

How are students billed for housing?

The advance payment of first and last month rent are required upon lease signing. Students are billed on 1st day of every month for their agreed lease term.

What if something breaks in my child’s room or needs maintenance?

There is a proper procedure that must be followed in order to ensure that your students room issues be taken care of. Students can place an order for a repair in their room by emailing or calling us.  All requests are sent directly to the maintenance staff and they will proceed to take the correct steps to assess and repair the problem.

Can students have a computer in their suites and bedroom?

Yes, they can. Our building has extensive Wi-Fi coverage not only inside our suites but also outside of the building if students want to study outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

What do the room rates cover?

Our all-inclusive rates include rent as well as the services like hydro, gas, water, internet, maintenance, housekeeping in common areas, on-site group study zones, Wi-Fi, laundry, suite furnishings, Envie lifestyle programs, reception services and security staff. 

When can students move in?

Move-in schedules will be emailed with the student’s welcome package letter to students who have signed a lease with Envie. We schedule move-in times to ensure that it is a seamless and smooth process for everyone.

Can students move-in earlier than their scheduled date?

It’s possible; however, we ask that you contact us to determine if we can accommodate the early move-in request.

My child has a disability or medical condition and needs special accommodation.

Any student who needs an accommodation should notify us as soon as possible so that we can work with you regarding the room assignment and special requirements.

We want to hear from you

Have questions about your child living at Envie? Let’s talk. We want to help you make the right decision for your family.