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An advanced class of opportunity

Your opportunity to profit from the growing student condo real estate segment is here!

Higher value to your investment

Envie Plus, also known internally as Capital Hall, is professionally managed by Envie. With Envie managing your investment suite, you can expect incredible services and amenities offered to your tenant. Bringing higher value to your investment.

What to expect from an Envie managed building:

  • Weekly grocery bus
  • Building WiFi/high-speed internet
  • Fitness Activities: Yoga classes
  • Reception services
  • Cleaning services
  • Academic Activities: Scheduled study sessions and workshops
  • Student Portal: Easily sign leases and pay rental costs, as well as a roommate matching system
  • Envie Insider Program: Discounts and give-aways from local partners for Envie residents
  • In-house Customer Service Team: General Manager, Resident Relations Manager, IT and maintenance on site
  • 24hr Security and Reception
  • Outings: Organized trips to the canal, local events, nearby restaurants, and museums
    Envie Insiders Facebook Group: Closed Facebook group to communicate with neighbours and quickly get in touch with Envie services/resources (IT Specialist, Resident Relations Manager, Sales Managers)
  • Resident Advisors: Students who welcome new residents and assist them in learning about Ottawa/Canada and living at Envie, providing any resources students need, reaching out to students who may be struggling academically, socially, etc., and bringing residents together for social gatherings

Hands-free benefits

Envie is offered as a pre-packaged income property and the easiest way to own student housing as an investment. Both the location and design of the building are optimized so that investors can own for less and rent for more. Hands-free benefits of condominium ownership are combined with a Property Management Service that manages leases and tenants and acts as the landlord for unit owners.

A recognized builder of lifestyle communities

With over 25 years of experience and innovation, Ashcroft Homes has entered the ‘branded student lifestyle’ category with Envie. Like Alavida Lifestyles, our senior-focussed communities, Envie brings Value-Added Property Management to the student accommodation market. From sourcing great locations and designing optimum condo suites for the student market to offering great amenity spaces in its communities and running the “Envie Student Life Program”, Envie offers added value to both students and investors.

Get to know Ottawa

Ottawa is Canada’s Capital City, with a strong infrastructure, a secure base of Federal jobs and the highest median total family income of any city in Canada. Over 1 million people now live in Ottawa and the population growth rate (8.8% from 2006 to 2011) is higher than the Provincial (5.7%) and National average (5.9%). Ottawa ranks 3rd in the world for Quality of Life according to Numbeo, (2nd in North America according to Mercer) and has the highest number of residents with a post-secondary education in Canada.