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Life at Envie

Fitness boot-camp, yoga classes, penthouse lounge, housekeeping, and more! All contingent on COVID-19.

Envie supports your busy lifestyle by providing all you need under one roof.

What’s happening this month at Envie

*Activities are subject to change without notice. Please join our Facebook Insider Group for updates and more!

Fitness CentRe

This high-end fitness centre has cardio machines, lifting machines, free weights, and more. Every week, you can find a fitness boot-camp class or Muay Thai class going on!

Yoga Studio

Our yoga classes lead residents through a calming practice. Bring your yoga mat, water bottle, and roommate – then you’re ready to flow!

Penthouse Lounge

Surrounded by 360 views on the 29th floor, this is a breathtaking spot for playing games or hanging out. With tons of different seating options, you can study at small tables, lay on couches, or host friends at the kitchen island!

Games Area

Play a game of billiards or ping-pong in the penthouse. You can rent the equipment from reception, and start playing. Just remember to not sit on the tables!

Social Program

Featured through the monthly activity calendar, residents can find numerous events going on inside and outside the building! Ranging from movie nights, sundae bars, sports parties, and bingo night, to a rented basketball court at Carleton University for all Envie residents.

Study Rooms

If you’re looking for a place to work that is not on campus, Envie has got you covered. There are private study areas and a boardroom for collaborative learning. There is even a projector to practice your presentation on!

Lobby Lounge

The lobby is a great place to hang out when you’re waiting for your Uber, food delivery, or friends coming over. There is a ton of seating for friends to gather or enjoy your own company.

Weekly Grocery Bus

On a bi-weekly basis a bus departs from Envie to take residents to the grocery store. Stock up for the week while you’re driven to and from home. The Resident Advisor leading the trip will ensure that no one is left behind and that you’re getting taken care of.


Although residents have their own bedroom and ensuite bathroom, it can be hard to keep the common areas clean. Monthly visits from the housekeeping team will assist in common areas for your floor, counters, and surfaces. This is not to supplement resident cleaning, as independence is an important part of living.

24 hr Security

The building is secured with key-fob only entries point, interior and exterior surveillance cameras, and guards.


Receptionists are available at the front desk for residents. They take care of some administrative work, mail deliveries, and more!

Can you believe how quickly summer flew by? We're feeling nostalgic thanks to this #WaybackWednesday from one of our barbecue events. πŸ–  Not to worry β€” we've got lots in store for our Envie students this fall and winter!
Happy Friday! Let us know in the comments if you're planning on having a relaxing or eventful weekend πŸ‘‡ Either way, we hope you have a great one filled with awesome memories!
Looking for something to do this week? πŸ‘€ Admission to the @museumofnature is FREE on Thursday nights from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. We know you'll enjoy exploring one of Ottawa's highlights along with its exciting, current exhibitions!
#EnvieLiving is having everything you need in the convenience of your own suite, or just steps away. πŸ’š  Whether it's a daily gym session you crave or you're hoping to connect with likeminded people, we've got you covered with everything you could ever imagine (and more)!  To learn more about what we can offer, explore our website through the link in our bio.
Envie supports your busy lifestyle by providing everything you need under one roof! πŸ’š  Perks of #EnvieLife include a bi-weekly grocery bus, housekeeping for all the common areas, and 24-hour security to ensure you know that your safety is a priority for our team.  Learn more about our amenities and the all-inclusive lifestyle at Envie by visiting the link in our bio! πŸ–₯️

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